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Safety Plan

Training Schedules: 

Fundamentals Clinic:  Will be held Saturday, March 28th @ 10am at Mitnick Fields 

First Aid and Safety Clinic:  Will be held Saturday, March 28th @ 12pm at Mitnick Fields 

Umpiring Clinics: Will be held Saturday, March 28th @ 2pm at Mitnick Fields


Safety Plan Distribution: 

This Safety Plan will be posted in the concession stand.  It will be distributed to all coaches along with the Little League Regulation manual at the coaches meeting.


Fundamentals and First Aid Training: 

At least one Manager/Coach from each team must attend the training.  Every Manager/Coach will attend this training at least once every 3 years.  Training will be at the Mitnick Fields.


Volunteer Application:

President Joseph Schaffer is the board member in charge of background checks.  Checks will be done through the JDP program sponsored by Little League.  The Little League Application Form is utilized.  All adults who have contact with players as a coach, assistant coach, umpire, or team parent must fill out the form.


First Aid:

Lower Cape May Little League will require at least one Manager/Coach from each team to attend.  Every Manager/Coach must attend this training once every 3 years.  Nick Baldwin will conduct the training at Mitnick Fields.  First Aid kits and an AED is located in the concession stand.  Mini First Aid Kits are distributed with team equipment.


Filed Inspections:

Coaches will be required to walk/inspect the fields prior to practices and games.  Umpires will also be required to walk/inspect the fields for hazards before each game.


Prompt Accident Reporting Procedures and What to report:

Report any incident involving a player, coach, manager, umpire, volunteer or spectator that leads to medical treatment and/or first aid to the Safety Officer.  This includes passive treatments such as the evaluation and diagnosis of the extent of the injury or periods of rest. 

When to report: Report any such incident to the Lower Cape May League Safety Officer within 48 hours of the occurrence.  The Safety Officer for 2020 is Kate Crecca (609-972-3302).

How to report: Person reporting the incident must complete an injury report form and submit to the Safety Officer.  Include the following information:

Name and telephone number of the individual(s) involved, including any injured party, the date, time, and location of the incident.  A detailed description of the incident.  A preliminary estimation of the extent of any injuries.  The name and telephone number of the person reporting the incident. 

Safety Officer’s responsibilities: To follow up with the injured party (or their parent/guardian) within 24 to 48 hours.  Verify the information received.  Obtain any other information deemed necessary.  Check on the status of the injured party.  Advise the injured party (or their parent/guardian) of Lower Cape May Little League’s insurance coverage and the provisions for submitting any claims in the event the injury required medical treatment (such as an emergency room or doctor’s visit).

If an injury is more than minor in nature, the Safety Officer will periodically follow up with the injured party to check on the status of their injury and whether any other assistance is needed, such as submission of insurance forms.  Once the individual is participating in the league again, an no other claims are expected, the Safety Officer shall consider the case “closed” and no further follow up is necessary. 


Coaches/Umpire Responsibilities:

Coaches and Umpires will walk the field before each use for a safety check.  Any items not immediately correctable will be reported to the safety officer.  Common sense will dictate if the field is playable.


Concession Stand:

Training aids are posted in the stand for safe use of equipment and food handling.  Inspection and recommended replacement of equipment is done by the Safety Officer and Board President.


Rules and Equipment: 

All Little League Rules for play and proper equipment are enforced at all games and practices.





Lower Cape May Little League Points of Contact


President Joseph Schaffer 609-868-9432 [email protected]

Vice-President of Softball Nick Baldwin 609-675-6527

Safety Officer Kate Crecca 609-972-3302

Vice-President of Baseball Brian Heacock 609-827-0722

Treasurer Jason Harczk 401-419-7336

Secretary Melissa O’Donnell 609-412-3690

Umpire Chief Craig Goss 609.408.9708



If any participant requires the need of immediate or emergency medical attention, please call 911 immediately.




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